Concierge Medicine

The healthcare landscape is becoming more and more unpredictable. Because of the volatility surrounding today’s healthcare environment, such as increasing overhead costs and decreasing reimbursement rates, many physicians are adopting a concierge model.

Rheumatologists want to do everything in their power to help their patients be more comfortable and live with less pain. The traditional model of relying on insurance providers for payments means doctors and their staff have to spend too much of their time and energy dealing with the extensive paperwork and bureaucracy that comes with it. This is why so many in this field consider transitioning to a concierge medicine structure.

Concierge medicine, often called retainer or boutique medicine, is an alternative medicine practice model that permits physicians to charge patients a designated amount of money, or a retainer, for certain services. This model often allows physicians more flexibility regarding who they can treat and when. It may also give physicians the ability to focus on a more holistic, preventative approach to medicine.

We provide personal medical advising for patients including services such as resource navigation, full medical/case reviews, advanced testing, second opinions, and medical record summation.

Different types of concierge medicine exist and our practice follows a hybrid concierge model. A hybrid concierge model is when a practice provides both traditional, fee for service, and concierge medicine services. Some patients may see a physician in the traditional out-of-network, fee-for-service setting. Very complicated cases often require a concierge model with an annual retainer.